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  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809
  • 1986 Ferrari Mondial For Sale | Ad Id 2146356809


1986 Ferrari Mondial

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1986 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet

The Mondial cabriolets are the onlyproductionvehicles manufactured to afourseater,rear midengined, fullconvertibledesign.
One of 810 Mondial Cabriolets made between 1985 and 1988; one of 449 units imported to the US
Corsa Red (code 300) exterior
Tan Connolly Leather interior
Midmounted 3.2L 32valve DOHC V8 engine (F105C) with Bosch KJetronic fuel injection and quad exhausts
Fivespeed manual transmission
Airconditioning, power windows, rackandpinion steering and fourwheel disc brakes

Another stallion arrived in the MotoeXotica Classic Cars Paddock; were pleased to present this 1986 Ferrari Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet. Built in Maranello, Italy and designed by Pininfarina, this seldom seen example is one of 810 Mondial Cabriolets made between 1985 and 1988 and one of 449 units imported to the United States.

Finished in Corsa Red (code 300), the cars paint and trim are in great condition, as is the windshield, which is clear and intact. The cars lights look great and its bodywork is straight and solid. This Prancing Horse rolls on Yokohama radials, size 205/55ZR16 in front and 225/50ZR16 in back. Each donut surrounds a fivespoke alloy wheel with the prancing horse on the yellow center caps. The wheels and tires are in satisfactory order.

Under the hood is Ferraris 3.2L, 32valve DOHC V8 engine (F105C040) with Bosch KJetronic fuel injection and breathing via quad exhausts. At their core, all Mondial engines comprise a Ferraricast lightweight alloy V8blockwith 90bankangle; shrinkfitcylinder liners; a fivebearing, flatplanecrankshaft with pairedconnecting rodson eachjournal;beltdriven, quadoverhead camshafts(two per cylinder bank) acting directly on thevalves; alloycrossflow cylinder heads; and awetsumplubrication system.

Enginecapacitystarted at 3.0L and increasing to 3.2L for the Mondial 3.2 and culminating in 3.4L. Mirroring the twoseater Ferrari V8 vehicles, all 3.0 and 3.2L engines sit across the car with their crankshaft andcylinder planes transverseto the main vehicle axis. Front trunk hood struts will need to be replaced. Like the newFerrari 328, the Mondials engine grew in both bore and stroke to 3.2L in 1985. The Mondial 3.2 was first presented at the 1985Frankfurt Auto Showin September that year.

A fivespeed,allindirectmanual transmissionusing adoglegselector pattern was the only transmission offered. Instead of the conventional Hshift pattern, this arrangement (also known as a reverse hgate) has 1st gear situated to the far left and back, behind reverse. This pattern has been popular with racing gearboxes, as it allows quicker, more direct shifts between second, third, fourth and fifth, gears. The parking brake light is on at the dash, although the brake does disengage. The service light is also on at the console.

In the 3.2 models, thetransmission housingis integral with theengine sumpcasting, albeit with its own oil supply, sitting below and slightly to one side of the main block.Drive to the gearbox is via a singleplate, diaphragmspringclutchand a set of dropgears located outboard of the lefthand end of the crankshaft, with output torque feeding into a frictionplatelimitedslip final driveunit offset to the rear of the gearbox. Output from the final drive to the rear wheels is via a pair of short, soliddriveshaftsfitted withconstantvelocity jointsat each end to allow for suspension articulation.

For these models, clutch actuation is hydraulic, unlike their twoseater cousins cable systems, and transmission selection is via a rod which extends through the center chassis tunnel and passes through the engine sump into the transmission housing.

Although based on the twoseater vehicle designs, Mondials are slightly larger overall including having appreciably wider front and reartrackdimensions. Suspensionsystems arefully independentallround, comprising unequallengthupper and lower wishbones, coiloverdamperunits andantiroll barsat each end of the vehicle.

Steeringis arackandpinionmechanism sitting ahead of the front wheels, unpowered on all 3.2 models. Brakingis via fourwheelventilated discswith splitcircuit vacuum assistance on all vehicles.

Inside, the tan Connolly leather seats are in very good order, as is the matching carpet. All seats, including those in the rear, are stronglybucketshaped and fitted withinertiareel seatbelts; threepoint in front, twopoint in back. Note: The rear seats will need to be installed. A central tunnel for the chassis structure is prominent in both front and rear footwells and is straddled by a large frontcenter consolewith a polished opengated gear selector and electronic warninglight panel. Electric windows (the front panes only are opening) and airconditioning are standard fitments, with their controls on the central console. The A/C does blow, but not cold. Thehandbrakeis located outside the drivers seat beside the inner sill and is a dropdown design to assist ingress and egress. A threespoked leather steering wheel is mounted to asteering columnadjustable for reach and rake, behind which is a podstyle instrument binnacle holding six gauges:speedometer,tachometer, fuel level, water temperature, oil pressure and oil temperature. The Mondial instrumentation is completed with a comprehensive set of warning lights and electronic check panels. The center console and shifter look good and a JVC AM/FM stereo with CD player completes the interior, though we doubt the next owner will use it that much, considering the much better mechanical symphony that plays every time he presses the go pedal.

Available in both Coup and Cabriolet forms, styling refreshed with restyled and bodycolored bumpers, similar to the328with more integrated indicators and driving lamps, and new alloy wheels with a more rounded face. The 3.2 also boasted a major interior update, with a more ergonomic layout and a more rounded instrument binnacle. Fuel injection remained the primarily mechanical Bosch KJetronic (CIS) with an O2sensor in the exhaust providing feedback to a simple computer for mixture trimming via a pulse modulated frequency valve that regulated control fuel pressure. The ignition system was Marelli Microplex, with electronic advance control and one distributor per bank of theV8.

It is a car with few rivals, perhaps the closest being the Porsche 928Sonce you have experienced the wonderful noise produced by the V8 engine in full cry, and sat behind that steering wheel, with the power surging in, you can forgive the car for the few detractions it may have. They seem to pale into insignificance as the rev counter needle sweeps past the 7000rpm mark and you slam that gear lever through the gate. It is a different world of motoring.Autocar 1986

I marvel at how little compromise it asks. All the panache of a midengine Ferrari with plenty of head room too...The length, as Paul Frre says, makes the handling very easy. Longer wheelbase means less angle for rear movement and makes it easier to drive the car. And I like how nicely it responds to the accelerator. Backing off for corners, it comes out just right. Even the American version now goes much quicker than the early European version. The Mondial is a good compromise between ride and handling. Road and Track 1986

Competition to this Ferrari in 1986 included Aston Martins Volant Convertible, Chevrolets Corvette Convertible, Maseratis Biturbo Spyder and Porsches 911 Carrera Cabriolet.

Ferraris are exclusive but this is a rare find even for a Ferrari so you owe it to yourself to visit MotoeXotica Classic Cars to check this one out as soon as possible.

VIN: ZFFXC26A6G0065691

This car is currently located at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. Current mileage on the odometer shows 39,650 miles. It is sold as is, where is, on a clean and clear, mileage exempt title. GET OUT AND DRIVE

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This 1986 Ferrari Mondial was listed for sale on 10-27-18 07:38:58. The vehicle color is Red and VIN is not available . Kindly check ad for seller's location. Seller`s stock ID is motoeC00238. There are 88 other Ferrari cars currently listed for sale on our website. You may desire to see what other Ferrari cars are selling for by visiting our Sales Data page.


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