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1999 Ferrari 355 Racecar

Price: USD $130,000

Mileage: 34,900
-Chassis # ZFFXR42A0X0113489
-The Only Bianco Avus 355 Produced in 1999
-Desirable 6-Speed Gated Manual Transmission
-Offered With Books, Tools, Records, Window Sticker & Clean CARFAX

The 1990's were a roller coaster decade for the automotive industry, the supercar boom had begun and the 200mph barrier had been breached by Porsche with the 959 and Ferrari with the iconic F40. As we approach the middle of the decade, Ferrari struggled as the replacement for the 328, the 348, had gone over poorly in addition to the economy entering a recession. Determined to improve the 348 and regain the admiration of car enthusiasts, they set their engineers to work in Modena and what they came up with was something special.

In 1994, the 355 was launched in both Berlinetta (hardtop) and GTS (targa top) configurations with a convertible variant, the Spider, made available in 1995. It may have not been realized at the time, but the 355 would be the last pop-up headlamp, rear flying buttress window Ferrari to ever be built. Engine capacity was increased to 3.5L, new 5-valve cylinder heads incorporated, and more weight saving materials used for the engine internals such as titanium. The old, stiff, 5-speed gearbox used in the 348 was ditched for a much-improved 6-speed manual unit. Ferrari also offered a semi-automatic, flappy paddle 6-speed but as the car-world came to know, it was merely an experiment at best; it was no substitute for the gated shifter. The chassis remained a steel tubular design, but more refined and applicable. The 355 was everything the 348 should have been and then some. To this day, these cars are still vigorously sought after, especially with the manual gearbox and less common colors than the typical red over tan which brings us to the example on offer.

Available for acquisition is a 1999 Ferrari 355 GTS, chassis number ZFFXR42A0X0113489, and having traveled about 35,000 miles from new. This example is the only 1999 355 GTS finished in Bianco Avus with approximately 5 other 355's having been painted in a shade of white during the course of production. This example was originally purchased through Ferrari of Atlanta. It remained under the care of the original owner until 2004 where the 2nd owner, a Mr. Golczewski of Wayne, New Jersey became its new custodian. Mr. Golczewski had the car under his care for the majority of this example's life and made it clear that he was extremely selective in when and where he drove the car. In April of 2017, Golczewski was relieved of his ownership and now the car has joined the LBI Stable in Philadelphia.

After a close inspection by our specialists and consulting a Ferrari specialist, the conclusion has been made that it is believed to likely be an original paint example. The finish of the Bianco Avus exterior has fared well per the miles, with no severe flaws. The factory clear coat has begun to yellow, a common characteristic with this particular paint color and rather than a mark against the car, it more fittingly serves as a credential backing the authenticity of its originality. Especially considering that while some parts are metal others are composite based (the side stakes for example), the effect of yellowing in the clear can be more apparent. Aside from the finish, one will find the following: stone chips focused around the front nose/lower lip, a bit of rash on either corner of the underside of the front bumper, specking at the edge of the door vents and corners of the rear wheel arches, small vertical scrape in the paint on the driver side side-skirt, minor scuff on the edge of the engine deck lid, and a couple light but somewhat lengthy scratches in the clear on the driver side front fender.

All of these blemishes, although noteworthy, are right in line with a 355 that has seen 35,000 miles of use, keeping in mind the quality of finish materials and factory standards at the time of production. Regarding the rest of the exterior of this example, there are no additional serious blemishes. The wheels are very presentable, the glass windows unharmed, rubber items supple, and panel fitment consistent, falling in line with proper clearances. The Scuderia shields on the front fenders were not equipped by the factory but by the dealer which was commissioned by the first owner. To reiterate, we would not recommend any of the mentioned minor flaws to be tended to, the car remains fantastic in its current presentation and the issues are very minor.

The black interior shows to be well-kept and the infamous sticky knobs remedied by the second owner and are no longer an area of concern. Either of the door jams show some darkening of the white paint, not due to neglect but simply the natural aging process of these cars. The factory VIN and data stickers are still present, and one will also notice the carbon fiber kick plates on the sills. These were part of the original equipment ordered with the car and are not aftermarket units. Looking over the leather seats, they pose no severe bolster wear and have no split seams or breaks in the leather. The dash has no fading or pulling in the leather, showing well with no serious faults. All of the gauges are operational and seem to be reading accurately. The black rugs have no rips or staining, unmolested and in presentable condition. Each of the door panels have also been well maintained, sporting their original finishes.

Opening the front trunk, it is very tidy, housing the original tool kit and car cover. The liner has no notable inconsistencies, showing in tandem with the rest of the car. Inspecting the engine bay, it is in excellent shape in respect to condition of finishes and correctness. It is evident that this 355 was regularly serviced using correct componentry and by qualified techs. Under close inspection, one will notice factory markings on hoses, clamps, and bolt heads throughout the engine compartment. The red crinkle paint on the valve covers which so commonly fails and peels, shows beautifully, most likely having been refinished during one of the engine out services. All data plates, stickers, and stampings are present. The undercarriage presents no discrepancies and in need of no tending to.

Post review of the service records and test drive of this 355, it can undoubtedly be described as a turnkey example. Dating back to 2006, this car received all of its servicing by the marque specialists at Auto Elite Corp. of Tenafly, New Jersey. On January 28, 2010, this example was documented to have 29,916 miles, at which time the 30k mile engine out service was executed totaling $5,892.79. Its next major service was completed August 26, 2016 at 34,636 miles with that service totaling $7,465.29. We also see that regular lubrication services were done, as well as other minor maintenance items to ensure this example was always in tip-top shape. The one item that is known to be a fault on these cars from the factory is the exhaust manifolds. Which is said to have been changed early on in the cars life, however, no receipts are present. Additionally, the valve guides are of no concern like that of early 355's as later in production this issue was remedied by the factory. So it remains a non-issue for this example.

The 3.5L Italian V8 fires almost instantly, even when cold, idling smoothly. Once on the road, the user can really indulge in what makes these 355's such great cars. The 6-speed manual gearbox and clutch perform without fault. The engine responds quickly to throttle inputs, pulling hard, especially when approaching the top of the rev range. This 355 has had a Tubi exhaust installed while not factory correct, makes an intoxicating sound that is worth sacrificing the originality for. Apply the brakes and they provide plenty of bite, displaying no symptoms of need for adjustment or repair. The steering is tight with no notable play and very communicative.

The Ferrari 355 is regarded as one of the most beloved Ferrari's produced in the 1990's. Their styling, performance, and usability on the road make them a joy to drive. This particular car is in a desirable configuration given that it is a GTS and equipped with the manual 6-speed rather than the less satisfying flappy paddle F1 style gearbox. Special ordered with a Bianco Avus exterior, it makes this example the only factory 1999 Ferrari 355 GTS in that color in addition to being one of the last 355's built before the 360 took its place. This example is also believed to have maintained its original finishes, furthering its rarity. For one in search of an intriguing Italian sports cars to take into ownership, this is a prime opportunity to do so. Mechanically sorted and well-kept, this Bianco Avus 355 is ready for its next caretaker. Offered with the sale are the books, tools, window sticker, car cover, and spare key.

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  • Transmission: Manual-Stick
  • VIN:
  • Exterior: Bianco Avus
  • Interior: Black

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