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1967 Rolls-Royce Phantom V | James Young's splendid interpretation on the PV chassis is the utmost in elegant motoring for drivers and passengers alike. Offered for sale....... More.
- Feb/09/2016


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Affordable Vintage Cars under $25,000

Bought an Alfa Romeo sight unseen..

I fell in love and bought an Alfa Romeo. I have not ever seen the Alfa in person. I have never driven an Alfa. I have never even ridden in an Alfa. The Alfa is 2800 miles away from my home in California. The Alfa is being worked on by a mechanic I have never met. He is rectifying a condition I have not experienced. I sent money to a dealer I do not know. Didn’t shake any hands, didn’t hear any stories. Just said ‘I’ll take it.’ Just like that....More.

How I got into the Vintage Car Hobby

The first car I can remember raving about as a youngster was a Ford Zodiac Mark II that passed by my home every day back in Trinidad……that was a very long time ago. The Zodiac had an automatic gearbox that when coupled with its distinctive 6-cylinder exhaust note created a real treat for my young ear. In those days the vast majority of the smallish British and French cars on the island were equipped with manual shift gearboxes, so the Zodiac really stood out. It’s also a very pretty car. The memory banks seem to recall a Vauxhall Velox somewhere. That would have been likely an EIP model which was made between...More.

Barn Find - Early Porsche 911 S

Our good friends at LBI Limited in Philadelphia (purveyors of fine investment grade classic cars) have shared a cool story about a recent Barn Find Porsche 911S. Turns out that the car is a first year 911S that had been parked with the all too common intention of restoration or renovation. In most cases the cause is simply love of the car and owners unwilling to part ways with their cherished machine thinking they would get back to it at some point....More.