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1924 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Price: USD $139,500

Upon its grand debut in the year 1907 the Rolls-Royce 40/50 horsepower Silver Ghost emerged as the undisputed pinnacle of motoring opulence. A masterwork of engineering this elegant creation bore Henry Royces visionary 7428cc side-valve inline six-cylinder engine at its heart. This remarkable powerplant revolutionized the automotive landscape rendering virtually all other vehicles obsolete in a single stroke.The 40/50hp engine was a paragon of durability and efficiency thanks in part to its extensive use of lightweight aluminum alloy in the generous crankcase. Where competitors grappled with reliability issues stemming from long flexible crankshafts Royces design featured a robust shorter crankshaft supported by seven oversized main bearings. Each 40/50hp was painstakingly crafted by Rolls-Royce engineers and machinists with meticulous attention to detail. Components were finely fitted and mating surfaces hand-polished to ensure a smoke-free turbine-smooth operationa rare feat in its era.Advanced features such as pressurized oiling fixed heads to banish leaks and a dual ignition system through magneto or distributor firmly established the Silver Ghost as the global benchmark for exceptional automobiles.But the Silver Ghost was not merely defined by its exceptional engine; its chassis was equally over-engineered to withstand any challenge an owner might present. Such was its durability that a 40/50hp chassis often outlasted its original body undergoing multiple transformations during its eighteen-year production span including the addition of four-wheel brakes refined suspension enhanced steering and numerous other improvements. Indeed its a testament to their quality that the majority of the approximately 6500 Silver Ghosts produced endure to this day. Even as many surpass a century in age a dedicated global community of enthusiasts continues to relish the experience of piloting these majestic machines.Chassis 46LM possesses a meticulously documented history tracing back to its origins. Originally fitted with a Barker Limousine body (LS890) it found its way into the esteemed ownership of Mrs. Pulitzer in 1924 as confirmed by Rolls-Royces build sheet. The years 1926 to 1928 saw this remarkable Rolls-Royce under the care of the capable Mr. Emile Vancura a master mechanic with ties to Brewster in New York. Under his expert guidance this exquisite vehicle underwent a transformation transitioning from its initial Limousine configuration to the more captivating Convertible Sedan style. Notably Mr. Vancuras firm was celebrated for rejuvenating coachwork on vehicles of the era making this Silver Ghost a testament to the craftsmanship of its time.Vancuras enhancements were not merely cosmetic; they included a comprehensive upgrade to all-wheel brakes a transition from the original 23-inch wooden artillery wheels to 19-inch wire-spoke wheels and the installation of a radiator equipped with Thermostatic shutters. These thoughtful improvements underscore the cars pedigree and commitment to quality.In the years following Mr. Vancuras ownership this Rolls-Royce embarked on a journey through various caring custodians who ensured its continued preservation and maintenance. A lineage of dedicated owners lovingly safeguarded its condition throughout the years. An advertisement in the Rolls-Royce Owners Club publication sheds light on its recent history indicating a substantial restoration effort in 1979 followed by diligent upkeep.Today this Rolls-Royce wears its charm proudly sporting a well-earned patina. The dark green exterior exudes grace harmonizing seamlessly with its matching leather interior. A contrasting green belt molding adorned with a cream pinstripe adds a touch of understated elegance. The wire wheels painted in the same green hue as the pinstripe complete the exterior with finesse. Chassis number 46LM boasts a Gear Vendors overdrive unit optimizing top gear performance by reducing engine RPM by approximately 22% thereby increasing top speed by about 28%.Accompanying this exceptional automobile is a wealth of informative documentation including copies of the build records and service and restoration receipts dating back as far as 1966. Additionally it retains a mostly complete tool kit reflecting the cars legacy of careful ownership. These late-era Silver Ghosts are celebrated for their impeccable road manners effortlessly shifting gears and offering a wealth of power and acceleration. Beyond its mechanical prowess this Rolls-Royce possesses timeless aesthetics blending intelligent design with a bespoke appearance making it a cherished classic deserving of admiration and preservation.Offers welcome and trades consideredFor additional details please view this listing directly on our website https://hymanltd.com/vehicles/7595-1924-rolls-royce-silver-ghost-convertible-sedan/

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