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  • Price Guide to Modern Ferrari Collectibles (1996-2011)

    Modern Collectible Ferrari Price Guide and Summary Asking Prices of Cars on Offer (Based on observed asking prices at the top dealers for 1996 – 2011 models) June 17, 2017 Here is our latest market update on late model Ferrari.  The[...]

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  • Historical Sales Data

    Seems like everyone wants to know “what is my car worth?”  No one knows in advance because that value manifest itself only upon the presence of a willing seller and a willing buyer who together execute a transaction.  Are you[...]

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  • Gated late model 6-speed Ferraris are going faster.

    Gated late model 6-speed Ferraris are going faster. It’s a fact.  The supply of late model manual-gearbox-equipped 6-speed V-12 Ferraris has dried up before our very eyes. And those that are available are selling fast and at stratospheric prices.  This[...]

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