Price Guide to Modern Ferrari Collectibles (1996-2011)

Modern Collectible Ferrari Price Guide and Summary Asking Prices of Cars on Offer

(Based on observed asking prices at the top dealers for 1996 – 2011 models)

June 17, 2017


Here is our latest market update on late model Ferrari.  The main focus of our interest is on the cars available at Factory authorized retailers.  Assuming that dealers need to maintain a standard of quality, the assumption we are making is that the cars on offer are genuine Ferrari products and that they are either in good condition or can be made so at dealer’s facility.

We particularly favor cars that have all the books, records, keys, alarm code, radio code, tools, car covers, flashlight, window sticker and original equipment.  Such items tend to be expensive and time-consuming to track down if they are not supplied with the car.   This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t customize your car to your liking just be aware that such actions may diminish value if that is of interest to you.  If you do customize, consider retaining everything that’s original to the car to pass along to the next custodian.  A comprehensively maintained car with original equipment and complete history will always be desirable regardless of mileage.

If your car has some issues, why not start rehabilitating it now.  Get it thoroughly service and keep your service history.  I won’t insult you here by discussing the cost of maintenance or dumping on any particular model.  You know that Ferrari makes highly tuned, race-inspired products.  Do your homework and budget accordingly for periodic maintenance and repairs at a reputable facility.

If you are looking to buy, Ferrari dealers will tend to offer some of the best cars available.  All these dealers have a choice in what they want to put on their showroom floor amongst their new car offerings and that means they are going to be very discriminating in favor of only the best cars.

However, as in the case for all transactions involving pre-owned cars, it is up to buyer to satisfy himself or herself that the car is inspected so that any significant issues can be discovered.  A pre-owned car will usually have some wear and it may no longer be the subject of manufacturer’s warranty, so inspection for the purpose of understanding the condition is a must.  Buyer must establish early on what faults or blemishes are acceptable.

Older vintage Ferraris are in a world of their own so we leave coverage of those models to others more qualified.

In the late model Ferrari market, there are some interesting opportunities to acquire significant cars at attractive prices.   Asking prices for low mileage, mint condition, or highly optioned cars are at a premium.  You may observe that in an era of custom-ordering, bespoke ordering schemes lead to situations in which not many are made with certain features. Keep an eye out for rare options and rare option combinations.  There is also a pronounced “last year” effect in which the last year or so of production sees refinement above the cars offered at the beginning of the model run.  For example by 2009 most if not all F430’s were being sold with the CarboCeramic brakes fitted.

Based on data sourced from the top dealers here are some patterns that emerge for non-special edition cars:

360 Modena Coupes are in a range of $75,000 to $129,000.  360 Spiders are from $80,000 to $165,000..see Ferrari of Atlanta for the red spider fitted with the 6-speed manual gearbox.

360 Spiders.  Newport Beach has a manual gearbox Spider with 5436 miles and they are asking $130,000.    Otherwise there are Spiders available with a range of $85,000 to $125,000

The 360 Challenge Stradale has gone ballistic.  Just a couple years ago these were in the 100’s now the range is $199,950 with a Carfax incident report at Ferrari of Los Angeles to the top offer of $349,999 at Ferrari of Portland.

456M GT.  None available at dealers.   Two automatic gearbox equipped GTA’s are available at Marshall Goldman at $59,900 and $69,900.

Thirteen F430 Coupes are available with a median price of $129,900.  The mean price is $133,400. The low is $112,355 at Scottsdale.  The high is $197,500 for Grigio Titanio with 6-speed manual gearbox at Spring Valley.

Thirty-eight 430 Spiders are available. Median price is $140,000.   Median amount is $143,100.  The range is $104,900 (Lake Forest) to $199,500 (Central New Jersey), yes with gated 6-speed ‘box.

The 430 Scuderia continues to impress with very strong values at this time.  These cars have it all…giant Carboceramic brake discs, acres of carbon fiber and a wonderful edgy styling and much less weight, but more power than either the Berlinetta or Spider. You rarely see aftermarket stuff on the Scuderia…the factory just nailed it. Prices of the later 458 Italia have dipped under Scuderia asking prices.  Currently seven are available at the dealers with a median of $259,900.  The mean is $264,180. The range is $229,900 (Detroit) to $299,900 (Lake Forest).

Seven Scuderia Spider 16M’s are available with a range of $398,500 (Greensboro) to $449,800 at Fort Lauderdale.  With limited production and open top styling on the exciting Scuderia theme it is destined for sustained collectability over the long term.  The mean offer price is $432,300 and median is close by at $439,000.

Ten 550 Maranellos are available with a range of $149,800 (Central NJ) to $205,900 (Salt Lake City).  Mean price is $179,400.  Median is $189,900.  All 550’s were built with the gated shifter. Quite a few have come onto the market after prices suddenly doubled in the last 18 months or so.  However, the best cars will likely remain in high demand.

Open top 550 Barchetta’s have a loyal set of fans.  Asking prices for the eight available are $549,900(Philadelphia) to $849,900 (Central Florida).  Ferrari of Beverly Hills says POA.  Goldman has one and says “call for price”.

There are seven 575M Maranello F1’s available carrying a mean ask of $164,800 and median of $169,900.  The range is $139,900 to $185,000 (Beverly Hills).  The latter features the 19 inch modular wheels and Giallo paint. to $159,900.  There are no 575M’s with manual gearbox available at dealers.

Seven 575 Superamericas are on offer with average ask of $474,348.  The median is $489,200.  The range is $458,900 to $499,900

Nineteen 599 GTB’s are on offer with a range of $166,000 to $259,900 (Fort Lauderdale). All are F1 equipped. Average ask is $195,400; the median is at $186,640.  That is a very wide range and the cars are selling.  Lot of car for the money and super-car performance to boot.  Examples fitted with the HGTE package are particularly desirable though tending to be at the higher end of the range.  Would you buy a 599 F1 or 575M F1?  Interesting question, methinks.

No manual gearbox 599’s are available at dealers.

Twelve 599 GTO’s are on offer around an average of $772,000 and the range is $689,900 (Philadelphia) to $899,900 at Plainview.  The media is $760,000.  The exhaust note of this car!! And what other Ferrari GTO’s are under $1 million?  Right, none.

The 599 SA Aperta is on a different planet as it should be.  This open-top version of the 599 is fitted with the GTO’s engine (i.e. 661 horsepower) and a number of unique features.  Only 80 were built. None at dealers. One is available at Goldman’s.  “Call for Price”!!

There are six 612 Scagletti’s available.  Portland has one at $99,890..that’s the low and the high end of the range is $229,900 at Atlanta.  The 612 is a fast comfortable and practical cruiser that many use a daily driver inasmuch as there are four seats.  In many ways prices are ridiculously low for what you are getting.  The median is $162,300 and the mean is $164,400.

Enzo values are stable.  Three are available at U.S. dealers.  Silicon Valley $2,790,000; Dallas $3,400,000 and Newport Beach at $3,499,000.  The stunning styling has aged gracefully these last twelve years and nothing else on the road looks like it. You could call it blue chip.

All of these mid-engine V8’s and V12’s represent attractive offerings from Ferrari and based on my experience they do not get old.  If you plan and budget accordingly the cars are very satisfying and in the opinion of many experts and owners it is best to buy the very best car you can find.  Hard to argue.





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