Deep into this restoration project

At Vintage Driving Machines we are true enthusiasts who get our hands dirty.  From mechanical repair, rewiring, brakes and tune ups we tend to do most of it ourselves.

Our current big project involves a 1965 Bentley.  We removed all the wiring from the car and renewed most of it.  Now we are in the process of putting everything back on the car.  Very time consuming and very rewarding….even more so if everything works when it’s running and complete.  We’ll see.

Rewiring is not work for the faint of heart.  Unless you can buy wiring harnesses off the shelf it requires endless note taking and patience.  You also need to source all the correct wiring, tape connectors, terminals and supplies.  Sources such as Rhode Island Wiring were a great source of supplies and information for our project.

The value of a harness lies in its shape.  But it’s really hard to prepare the shape off the car.  So we removed the wiring and carefully examined all the individual strands then replaced each wire one by one using the correct terminals and connectors.  The obvious bundles were partially taped.  Final taping will occur after installation on the car.

So far so good although everything looks a mess but we are finding the proper home for each wire.  Once all wires have been terminated we’ll connect a battery, add all the fuses and do a smoke test and a check of all the circuits.  Should be fun. 

Are you deep in any fun project?  Would love to hear.

Here are some photos to illustrate what we are doing.

IMG_5084 - Copy (1024x768)IMG_5619 (1024x768)IMG_5949 (1024x768)IMG_5879 (1024x768)

      IMG_2459 (1024x768)IMG_5640 (1024x768)

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