Collectible tidbit: First Generation Tesla Roadster

You may be asking why a pair of sneakers can sell for $1.8 million and yet people won’t pay you the correct price for your lovely vintage car.  Well, it’s all about rarity, provenance and who is buying. The Air Yeezy prototype sneakers were never actually marketed commercially having been developed as a concept; it doesn’t get any rare than one of one.  Look at who designed them; Kanye West is a preeminent figure in the world of social media and music.  Third, today’s top buyers flush with cash reserves that may never run out don’t mind spending on assets that seem ethereal (crypto), as well as dimensionally minimal.  What they are really buying is the creative idea more so than the physical attributes of the items.  You need to ignore absolute performance and efficiency because that is not the point.

This may have some carryover in the collector car market.  Look for Elon Musk’s earliest ideas in all forms to be highly prized.  In particular, the first-generation Tesla Roadster (2008-2012) has definite appeal.  It was the company’s first offering.  One of the cars is in outer space where it shall remain in eternity. Few of these cars are for sale as of April 2021; in fact, a search of the web reveals just one in Miami, FL with an asking price of US$130,000.  Savvy vintage car enthusiasts should begin to include this model in their searches for modern collectibles.



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